Many people who have never been to the desert, assume that it is dry, parched, hot, and devoid of life. I live in the 'high desert' of New Mexico, and I can tell you, it is vibrant, enchanting, and bursting with life! Most of these photos were taken in late Summer, early fall. Enjoy!

**If you click on each photo, I have included captions to the right.**
High Desert Views 1High Desert Views 2Cactus in the CanyonSalt Cedar and Globe MallowLate Summer FoliageFence in the FoothillsYellow flower on cliffTiny Purple FlowersYellow Flowers and ChollaGreen and Orange Foothills 1Green and Orange Foothills 2Four O'Clocks GroupingWildflower GroupingRed foothills framed by chamisaRed foothills with ChamisaEntryway to the white stone pathwayDescent into the white stone pathwayStone pathways in the mountainsThistle close-upCholla Blossoms Close-Up

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