This was a Sorting, round robin style. Held Sunday May 3, 2015, at Double Standard Ranch in Santa Fe, NM. I had never been to a sorting event before. Teams are set up in 'round robin' style, which means each participant rides with all other participants. So, you are teamed up with a new person each time you ride. The pen is like a figure 8, or two round-pens together, with middle fencing taken out. Riders have 10 cows to 'sort', and have a flag to start them. They are timed, and the number of cows are counted, that they can successfully sort from the rest. There are a lot of rules I can't write down in this caption, but suffice it to say, this was really a lot of fun to watch and take photos of. You will see photos of just boots, spurs, spectators, children and dogs. I like to shoot everything I see that may be of interest to others. ENJOY!

NOTE: There are over 1200 photos in this gallery. I know, that is a lot of photos to sort through. My philosophy is to take photos of everyone, so no one goes without a photo of themselves. Dark photos can be lightened, and light ones can be darkened. Anyone who would like an adjusted photo can email me at Photos can also be adjusted as an option before purchasing.

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