The Southwest is a place of myth and mystery, with a sometimes hidden and secret past, yet She has unmistakable reminders of living in the present moment. She gives us bold storms, vast desert scenes, and an amazing array of life in harsh places.

The Southwest shows us such large stretches of land and sky that transport you, unmistakably, into the present moment. You take a deep breath and can't deny you must live boldly, and simply, with close-to-the-bone honesty.

I want to show you the people, natural beauty, and images of the Southwest as I have seen them. I want to share the large desert stormy skies, vibrant rainbows, and wide stretches of blue skies with bright, billowy clouds that go on forever. Scenes that take you in and shake you to your core, leaving no doubt that you are alive.

Join me in my journey of discovering the old, the new, the very present Southwest. A place so vibrant and alive, so vast and so vivid, it cannot be denied.